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Hi guys we finally did it! Tony showed me this effect more than a year ago and I was in love for it! So I decided to produce for him. This is a very powerful effect for parlor and close up but is also very good to use on stage. There is a VERY clever kicker ending that nobody will see coming! And the quality of the props is great! Hope you enjoy! More info here: https://murphysmagic.com/Product.aspx?id=64333 Description: ONLY ONE PREDICTION. A DECK OF “PHOTO-CARDS”, TWO OR MORE SPECTATORS AND… AN IMAGINARY AND AMAZING TRIP! THIS IS TRAVEL AROUND THE … Continue reading TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD – NEW RELEASE


GREAT NEWS GUYS!!! PRESALE IS NOW OPEN! I am so happy to let you know that my most requested mentalism routine THE KEY OF FATE will be soon released in a a wonderful package as we did with THE FOX! Alan Wong did a great job to put this together and trust me guys, the quality is fantastic. We custom made the special marker, the case and the change bag, which has been improved with a quick release system that is always under your control, VERY easy to use! The lock and keys will last you a lifetime, plus you get … Continue reading THE KEY OF FATE


I have been doing lectures from many years, and every time I get asked always the same questions: “How can I pitch my show?”, “how can I create my brand?” and so on… Well, after the success of my Mentalism Consulting Program , I have decided to do a 3 hours workshop, to give a taste to the people that can’t afford my consultation program. In this 3 hours you will learn: How to create the mindset for success, and the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Branding How to communicate with your audience How to pitch … Continue reading BUSINESS MENTALISM – WORKSHOP


My latest release with Alan Wong and Paul Mc Caig is finally available! Trust me when I say that THIS is the ONLY psychometry bags you need! https://murphysmagic.com/product.aspx?id=63142 Have you ever wished to perform a full 10 minutes psychometry stage routine that is entertaining and impossible to backtrack? Well, now you can with the Multisensory Bags! The Multisensory Bags is a modern approach to psychometry routines that uses a modern nylon zippered bag design and three ways of marking each bag! Yes! There are three ways that you can know, for each of the bags, which person placed an object inside! Imagine … Continue reading MULTISENSORY BAGS – NOW AVAILABLE