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“THE CONNECTION” is finally available!

THE CONNECTION  is a limited release book that includes “The Connection Act” as performed by Luca Volpe on stages all around the world. In the books there are also explained other Q&A routines along “The Door of Dreams” a wonderful routine using the haunted Key, for the first time explained by Luca Volpe. Copies limited to 180 units. Please send email to Luca Volpe with proof of purchase to get the performance rights.


The book includes:

The Connection Act

A mind reading act where you are able to “connect” with multiple spectators. It uses a combination of classic methods that will make it a joy to perform.

You can see at this link a live performance:

Other routines included:

Sensational Q&A

Psychometry Q&A 2.0

Real Q&A

My take on “The Billet Reading Act”

Glass Ball, Pendulum and Crystals

The Door of your Dreams

and much more…

I am very happy to let you know that my limited release book THE CONNECTION is now available. As I am very busy performing I can’t ship personally each book so read below how to get yours, in this way will be also faster (you don’t need to wait me receive the book and send it to you!).

Keep in mind that as soon you buy it better is as once the copies will reach the 200 units sold, the link will disappear.

Here are the steps to follow.

1. Send me a private message or an email to with the subject THE CONNECTION BOOK. You will receive a link of purchase directly on the printer website.

2. The price is 65 EUROS if you add at the check out the code LULU10 you get the 10% discount

3. Once on the check out you can chose to get the normal air mail shipping or add the express/standard shipping, in this way you will get the tracking. Anyway air mail is fine, but there is no tracking.

4. Once the book has been purchased you need to send an email with proof of purchase to: so that you can get the signed and numbered performance rights via email. Please print and add the document in the book.

5. Once the book will reach the 200 copies sold online ( there will be extra 50 around for lectures) the link will disappear and the book will not be released again in any form.

As with my previous limited released (The White Rose, The Psychic Show and The Box of Dreams) once is sold out there are no other ways to get the book. If happen that someone will sell the book, you need to contact me so that I will proceed to the transfer of rights.

Many thanks

Luca Volpe


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You can now order THE FOX worldwide from your favorite dealer!

Posted by: Luca Volpe | February 3, 2018


So…. after a LOT of requested we are taking preorders at a special price plus we add an extra gift. Keep in mind that the special price of 210$ plus free postage (the release price will be 245$) and the gift will be ONLY valid if you preorder at Blackpool Magic Convention! See you there!27747323_1241432442656172_231418841_o
Then will be distributed by Murphys Magic to all dealers.
Here is the ad copy:
Luca Volpe Productions Elegance Series and Alan Wong, are proud to introduce the most versatile mentalism tool: THE FOX.
Have you ever desired to travel the world with almost no props and be able to perform a full one hour stage mentalism show for an audience of 10 to 1,000 people?
Sounds impossible right? Well, now YOU CAN! With… THE FOX!
The Fox is a highly engineered mini folio created and produced by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong. With this folio only, you will be able to step on stage and entertain your audience with a fully structured show and the beauty is that everything you need will be inside The Fox!
Obviously you will not only be able to perform the full show, but a lot more, in fact the mini folio has so many features that will allow you to create more routines for stage and close up!
The Fox is able to:
1. Peek (double and triple peek)
2. Switch billets and banknotes
3. Switch envelopes
4. Add Number feature
5. Impression device
6. Predict serial numbers
7. Switch playing cards
8. Index
Also if you combine multiple features you can create amazing routines! The limit is only your imagination! You will even be able to perform an incredible and easy Q&A Act!
You can also switch, with only one move, 2 business cards, some banknotes, a folded billet, some writing (or numbers) written on a post it note and more! Imagine what you can do with this feature only!
The Fox comes in a elegant black box with silver embossing, stored in a high quality velvet bag.
Extra props include:
1. Laminated colored test cards
2. Laminated symbol cards
3. Mind Card Samples
4. Billet Peek Samples
5. Normal Envelope
6. Multiple out envelope
7. Blindfold
Also included in the package you will find a physical booklet with the full show explained and script. Plus a download link where Luca Volpe will show you the handling and features of THE FOX plus another link where you can download all the extras to print.
Finally your dream can come true! Take a full stage mentalism show with you anywhere in the world that fits in your pocket! I can guarantee that you will never leave home without THE FOX!
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With these books alone you will have tons of material , not only to engage your audience, but also giving them emotions that they will never forget!

For payment info send email to:

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After the worldwide success of Emotional Mentalism Volumes 1 & 2 Luca Volpe is back with the final volume of the trilogy: Emotional Mentalism Volume 3

In this book Luca Volpe blends together mentalism concepts with “magical experiences” in order to create not only wonder but also a deep connection with people. You will be able to create a full psychic/mentalism show with only the routines included in this book!

Luca Volpe is worldwide renown as the “Senti-Mentalist” for his unique way of giving emotion to the audience. In this book you will learn his secrets that have been performed in private parties and psychic shows all around the world.

Simple techniques but with a specific goal: “Give the audience feelings that they will never forget!”.

Here is what you will learn:

1. Cleansing Ritual – a powerful mystical demonstration that will empower your audience.

2. Blank Dreams – a dream themed routine that you can perform on stage and close up.

3. Stolen Stars – a psychometry routine with a star sign revelation!

4. The Crystal Ritual – a powerful way to anchor an emotion to a spectator. Those that have witnessed this routine at Luca’s workshop said that it is so simple to do but it can literally change people’s lives.

5. The Message – an intuition based routine with a final prediction. This can create a lot of extra business!

6. Secrets – a super strong and very easy to do opener that will leave your audience speechless (two versions are included)

7. Q&A Chair Test – a simple to do chair test routine with a Q&A flavor.

8. The Gold Journey – a powerful magical experience based on a classic method.

9. Tibetan Connection – find a chosen tarot card through the sound of a Tibetan Bell.

10. The Goblet Ritual – a powerful Q&A inspired by Nostradamus and his scrying methods.

Included in the book you will also find contributions from:

– Steve Drury “Angelic Connection”

– Phedon Bilek “Cleansing Fire”

– Jamie Salinas “Candy Prediction”

– Curtis The Mentalist “The 100$ Chair Test”

– Pablo Amirà

– Alexander Erohin “The Stored Image”

From the foreword of Richard Osterlind:

…”As the title implies, this collection of material is meant to leave the audience feeling emotional and that something special has occurred to them. That is the key ingredient. The purpose of each effect is to give the participant a touching experience they will not forget. It becomes personal! Every one of these items is a jewel! Every one of them is tried and tested and every one of them will have a marvelous effect on your audience that will make them remember you long into the future”

Get the book here:

In the next months will be released worldwide at 55$ (same price as above at 45€) in all the magic shops world wide. You will also find a deal for all the three volumes.

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Very proud to release and idea from my friend Renato Cotini “AUGMENTED, create your own reality”.

Available to all the magic shops worldwide

Ad copy:

Are you ready to impress your audience and get more bookings? If yes, we have the answer for you!

This is a new effect created by Luca Volpe and Renato Cotini.

It’s totally different from all products in magic and mentalism because it is customized to your personal business card or logo.

The effect is so simple and so strong: you show your business card to the audience, you pick up your phone (Android or IOS) and open the camera. You aim the camera at your business card. Amazingly, the screen image begins to change into a 3D animation to become a card, a word, a number, or whatever you desire!

#Augmented is a real reputation maker and works with your business card, so the effect is unique to you!

The process is this:

Once you purchase the kit, you will find instructions for how to send a photo of your business card (or your logo or whatever you want to animate). Simply select one of our 5 templates for what you want to “reveal.” In a few days, our tech team will render the animation for you! Then download the app and use it – it’s that simple!

The possibilities are infinite: you can use a tablet connected to a wide screen on stage, you can perform the impromptu effect on the street using just your phone, or you can use your logo while shopping on the Internet to reveal something on your computer screen!

Many customizations are offered free in the rendering process: you can have the app open your website automatically when the animation is over, or you can take an instant screenshot during the revelation.

#Augmented also provides you 3 bonus effects:

• The spectator selects a card. You place a different card on his hand, and watch it change into his selection through the camera phone!

• Create a symbol and watch it transform into the spectator’s chosen drawing!

• A random word is selected and then revealed on a special card that is included in the package.

#Augmented is the new generation of magic and is quite inexpensive. You can have a customized routine that would normally cost hundreds of dollars – now for just $45!

Here is what you will get in the kit:

• Special pvc card with all the codes you need to access your account. This enables you to choose one of the five revelations to use with your own graphic! (Each card will have a different code, so you can buy more than one to access all the animations.)

• Special business card with a special printed symbol to use for the word revelation

• 3 bonus effects included

• Video tutorials link

• App to trigger the Augmented Reality (this works on both IOS and Android)

• Tech support to make your trademark unique and shocking

• Special discount code for personalized Augmented Reality creations (if in the future, you decide to have a personalized animation, our team will be able to create anything you can imagine)

#Augmented is the only custom-made tool that will help you to reach your audience in a unique and original way, so that they will never forget you!

Discover the secret that will guarantee you repeated bookings!

Remember, this is a custom-made service that will be created for your own graphic design!

Limited to 150 sets

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The Motivational Cards have been created with the idea to give a positive message to whoever chooses one. Ask the spectator to think of something that he wants to achieve in his life and show him a set of cards with motivational quotes on them. Ask him to cut the deck however many times he wants, once completed tell him to choose one card. That card, you explain, will give him an “answer” as to which state of mind to take in order to achieve his goal. He will silently read the message to himself, that will make him think of which action to take in order to move towards his goal. 

Now you ask him to concentrate on the image that is in the background and to visualize going on a mind journey. After a few moments you will be able to read his mind, revealing the image he chose.

These cards are based on a classic mentalism principle that is very easy to use, leaving you in full control of the presentation. You can use them for mind reading, Q&A acts, drawing duplications or simply ask a spectator to take one card and feel motivated! 
The cards are made of high quality laminated material and come stored in a very elegant box. You will also receive a card with a link to download the instructional PDF.

Only available directly to Luca Volpe at his lectures or motivational talks. Price 30€.

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Step by Step guide on how to maximize your image through social media and improve your business!

Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu have decided to reveal all the tips and tricks on social media marketing in a book that is specifically written for mentalists and magicians.

We all know how important it is to engage our audience using facebook, instagram and many other forms of social media and in this book you will find everything you need to help you create a professional image for this.

Also, as bonus, you will find routines with a social media theme, one of which is a modern Q&A act that Luca Volpe will reveal for the first time in this book!

If your goal is to use social media at it’s best, then this book is for you!

Buy the book here:

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“THE SOCIAL NETWORK ACT” Only 50 worldwide!


If you are a professional mentalist you  know how much it costs to hire a consultant to prepare a single routine for your show, well The Social Network Act is the routine that you are looking for and for a lot less than what you would pay for a consultancy!

I have performed this routine for years, I still close my show with it and I use it all the time for my corporate shows. I am sure many collegues have something along the lines of incorporating social media into their routines but this has a structure that has been perfected over the years and is guaranteed not only a standing ovation but also an incredible promotion of your image and brings repeated bookings.

The routine involves all of the audience and can be performed even for a crowd of 10,000 people. It is very entertaining, with a triple final ending and an encore that will have your audience talk about you long after the show has finished. It will also guarantee you a terrific promotion on your social networks.

For obvious reasons I can’t explain the full act here as it would be too easy to copy.What you are paying for is not only the props that allow you to perform the routine, but mainly the idea behind it that has been perfected over the years.

In the book you will find not only the full routine and the script that I use but also many other ideas and variation to present this act in any kind of performance situation. Included in the act you will aslo get a 1 hour Skype consultation (worth 100 euros) in which I will go through the full act with you so that you can grasp all the nuances and allow you to present the routine in the best way possible.


Here is what you get within the package:

1. Professional mentalism routine all explained in a limited release hardcover book.

2. TBC BOX plus extra booklet with 12 routines and ideas. This is a professional prop that has the value of 130 euros.

3. USB STICK with all the files that you need to perform the act. Everything has been

thought of, so that you can start .You will also find a live video of me performing the act.

4. Professional Telescopic Pointer.

5. Printed right performances certificate.

6. One hour Skype consultation (worth 100 euros)

7. Plastic box to store all of the act.

8. Shipping via UPS or FEDEX (if you live in the UAE or ASIA add 50 euros extra)

9. Secret Facebook group where will be shared ideas on the routine.

Price for the full package is 500 euros.

Send email to receive info on payment at:

Only 50 sets available worldwide and once they have been sold it will never be

released again.

Review from Brett Barry (creator of the Sven Pad and Professional Mentalist)
“I just finished reading Luca Volpe’s “Social Network Act” finally – and it will be going straight into my stage shows soon. The best acts are timely, simple, hard hitting and easy to follow. Luca Volpe’s act has all the audio visual elements that a performer might need included – with a fun premise and audience involvement. I had been looking for some time to come up with a method of getting people to my Social Media without having to resort to empty shameless plugs at the end to “go to my web site/ Facebook.” We all know that social networks are a great way to make an IMPACT. Luca’s act has multiple climaxes (as you know) which makes it seem extra fair – and extra impossible. All in all I think that The Social Network Act if my fave routine that Luca has shared with us. I could see this as a mid show piece or maybe a closer. Either way – winner all the way especially for the corporate work that I like to do. Great job Luca Volpe!!!”


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