I have been doing lectures from many years, and every time I get asked always the same questions: “How can I pitch my show?”, “how can I create my brand?” and so on… Well, after the success of my Mentalism Consulting Program , I have decided to do a 3 hours workshop, to give a taste to the people that can’t afford my consultation program. In this 3 hours you will learn: How to create the mindset for success, and the steps you need to take to reach your goals. Branding How to communicate with your audience How to pitch … Continue reading BUSINESS MENTALISM – WORKSHOP


My latest release with Alan Wong and Paul Mc Caig is finally available! Trust me when I say that THIS is the ONLY psychometry bags you need! Have you ever wished to perform a full 10 minutes psychometry stage routine that is entertaining and impossible to backtrack? Well, now you can with the Multisensory Bags! The Multisensory Bags is a modern approach to psychometry routines that uses a modern nylon zippered bag design and three ways of marking each bag! Yes! There are three ways that you can know, for each of the bags, which person placed an object inside! Imagine … Continue reading MULTISENSORY BAGS – NOW AVAILABLE


MENTALIST ATTENTION! FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! DISCOUNT UP TO 50% ON MY BOOKS ! Here is what you need to do to get the offer: Go on: Make a list of all the books you want to purchase (note: The Connection is not discounted) and send me an email to: If you choose 5 books you get 50% off If you choose 4 books you get 40% off If you choose 3 books you get 30% off Continue reading BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

“THE CONNECTION” is finally available!

THE CONNECTION  is a limited release book that includes “The Connection Act” as performed by Luca Volpe on stages all around the world. In the books there are also explained other Q&A routines along “The Door of Dreams” a wonderful routine using the haunted Key, for the first time explained by Luca Volpe. Copies limited to 180 units. Please send email to Luca Volpe with proof of purchase to get the performance rights. BUY HERE The book includes: The Connection Act A mind reading act where you are able to “connect” with multiple spectators. It uses a combination of … Continue reading “THE CONNECTION” is finally available!


So…. after a LOT of requested we are taking preorders at a special price plus we add an extra gift. Keep in mind that the special price of 210$ plus free postage (the release price will be 245$) and the gift will be ONLY valid if you preorder at Blackpool Magic Convention! See you there! Then will be distributed by Murphys Magic to all dealers. Here is the ad copy: Luca Volpe Productions Elegance Series and Alan Wong, are proud to introduce the most versatile mentalism tool: THE FOX.   Have you ever desired to travel the world with almost … Continue reading “THE FOX” IS COMING! PRERELEASE SPECIAL!


ATTENTION MENTALIST THE WAIT IS NOW OVER! After the worldwide success of Emotional Mentalism Volumes 1 & 2 Luca Volpe is back with the final volume of the trilogy: Emotional Mentalism Volume 3 In this book Luca Volpe blends together mentalism concepts with “magical experiences” in order to create not only wonder but also a deep connection with people. You will be able to create a full psychic/mentalism show with only the routines included in this book! Luca Volpe is worldwide renown as the “Senti-Mentalist” for his unique way of giving emotion to the audience. In this book you will … Continue reading EMOTIONAL MENTALISM VOLUME 3


Very proud to release and idea from my friend Renato Cotini “AUGMENTED, create your own reality”. Available to all the magic shops worldwide Ad copy: Are you ready to impress your audience and get more bookings? If yes, we have the answer for you! This is a new effect created by Luca Volpe and Renato Cotini. It’s totally different from all products in magic and mentalism because it is customized to your personal business card or logo. The effect is so simple and so strong: you show your business card to the audience, you pick up your phone (Android or … Continue reading AUGMENTED IS NOW AVAILABLE!


The Motivational Cards have been created with the idea to give a positive message to whoever chooses one. Ask the spectator to think of something that he wants to achieve in his life and show him a set of cards with motivational quotes on them. Ask him to cut the deck however many times he wants, once completed tell him to choose one card. That card, you explain, will give him an “answer” as to which state of mind to take in order to achieve his goal. He will silently read the message to himself, that will make him think of … Continue reading MOTIVATIONAL CARDS