MCP is a 7 day one-to-one customised consultation program in which Luca Volpe will reveal the winning formula that he has applied throughout all his career.
MCP is guaranteed to help you enhance your show and maximise your business.
Totalling seven hours, the one hour consultation each day includes analysing your script, routines, staging and much more. You will also discover how to maximise your image through social media and video productions so that you can grab the attention of your audience in a professional and unique way.
Limited Edition Booklet included.
For more information send email to:



Here is what some of professional performers say about Luca Volpe’s work and consultancy:

“International, multi-award winning mentalist Luca volpe proudly announces MCP – the Mentalism Consulting Program.
Alongside a robust team of technical and creative support specialists, Luca offers fully comprehensive analysis packages and bespoke tailored services for the professional performer. With the overall aim of achieving the competitive advantage, the program can cover all facets of the entertainment process from marketing to bookings, show development and performance.
Luca’s reputation speaks for itself. This program takes in his wide experience of the industry internationally from private events to cruise ship work, stage to corporate, television and radio, plus with a strong team behind him he can truly deliver a quality of service and tailored consultation where others may resort to outsourcing”
-Steve Drury
Co-Founder of PSYCRETS, British Society of Mystery Entertainers

“Concise,Practical,Honest. These three words best describe Luca’s style of teaching. It only took a few pages of The Psychic Show and his newest release TM for me to realize what a great teacher Luca is. Now if I can bottle his charisma I’d have it made! Thank you Luca for sharing everything. “ – Ron Ragucci LOGOMCPBLACK web Professional Mentalist

“I admire my colleague in Mentalism Luca Volpe. His experience in real world performances and his creativity will surely inspire you”
– Pablo Amira
Professional Mentalist


Other then produce products for mentalists and magicians I also offer the state of the art video productions for the show business. If you are a performer of any kind, model, fashion blogger or corporate performer we can maximize your image through video,graphics, logo creation and much more.

A tem of experts will be at your service to make sure you will get the best results through a personalized package for your budget.
We can fly all around the world to record your video promo, corporate presentation, photo shooting and more!

And if you only need the graphic creation you can request a Skype session with our graphic team that will be able to create tailor made project for your needs.

For more information, please send an email to:

See in the image below our services.




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